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Just like any new traditional home, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with building materials. Homes built from shipping containers are no different. There are many tutorials and guides out there on how to construct your own home from shipping containers. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantage and disadvantages of building a shipping container home.

The reason why most people decide to construct their home using shipping containers is because they offer the best bang for the buck. In other words, these are cheaper alternatives to using traditional building materials. However, there are even more benefits to constructing a shipping container home. One benefit most people fail to see is that this move is good for the environment.

With that in mind, let us go ahead and discuss the other advantages of shipping container homes.


Earlier this month, we asked people whether they will consider living in a shipping container house. According to our findings, about 90% of the people we asked will definitely consider living in a shipping container house. Aside from considering it, they would also love to live in one because container homes are extremely cheap, easy to maintain, and offer great value for money.

Storage containersJust to give you an example, a full-sized cabin can be built using a couple of 40-foot moveable containers – these are weather resistant, moveable shipping containers from It provides approximately 600 sq/ft of space. The most amazing thing about this setup is that it costs roughly around $35,000 to construct. This cost already includes insulation, plumbing, decoration, container purchase cost, etc.

To drive the cost further down, two solar panels can also be installed on top of the container home. This can be a source of renewable energy, provide warm water and electricity for the people living inside.

Environment Friendly

One of the biggest, but most underrated advantage of shipping container homes is that it is eco-friendly. How is it eco-friendly? Well, we all know that shipping containers are largely used for transporting a vast range of equipment, materials, goods, across the sea. There are approximately 16 million shipping containers all over the world. However, only about 5 million of them are in use.

Therefore, there are around 11 million containers worldwide are currently stagnant. These stagnant containers could, or should be converted into new homes. For every shipping container that is recycled, 3,500 kg worth of steel is being reused. In addition, we are saving on a huge amount of traditional construction materials that need not be used.

Off-site Construction

Here is another advantage of a using a shipping container as a home. You can construct it off-site then move it to your preferred location ready for occupation. This is what we at specialize in: delivering top quality shipping containers right at your doorstep, when and where needed.

Movable ContainersThere will be times when a particular location is just not suitable to build your shipping container on. There can be many reasons to this: for example, the location may not have any running electricity, which is necessary to power the welders and angle grinders needed to construct the container.

In cases like the aforementioned, you can have us construct the shipping container at our site then deliver the finished product to your preferred location. No fuss, no hassle.

Fast Construction

You can convert shipping containers into homes really, really fast. Aside from being converted into a home incredibly fast, you can also turn them into other things, such as a restaurant, yard break room, bedroom, construction site office with air-conditioning, and even a detention cell. All of these customizations are offered at at extremely affordable prices.

One fantastic example of how incredibly fast a shipping container can be converted into a home can be found in Holland, specifically in the city of Diemen. One of the local college wanted to build a boarding home for their students at the fastest possible time. Due to the time constraint, they decided to build the boarding home using 250 shipping containers. The containers were constructed and modified off-site, then shipped to Diemen.

Now, the only disadvantage most people encounter with shipping container homes is:

Building Codes and Permits

Whenever you build a home here in the United States, you and home newly built home will be subjected to an inspection by your local government, specifically the Department of Building.

Portable Storage containersShipping container homes, unfortunately, are not exempted from such inspection. You also need to ensure that your newly built shipping container home – whether it is from or another container provider – meets the proper building codes in your area.

This is definitely one of the most tedious and hardest parts of constructing a home from shipping containers. However, do keep in mind that this requirement is not unique to just shipping container homes. Avoid thinking that you are being singled out. It is applicable to each and every newly built home across the United States, regardless of whatever material the home is constructed from. providing the storage containers compartments holders are planned particularly to accomplish space improvement and give you most extreme storage room.