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Look 10 Years Younger in 2013 – Cover That Gray!

Look 10 Years Younger in 2013 – Cover That Gray!
Andy Paige
  • On February 22, 2013

The BIGGEST advancement in helping you look 10 Years Younger has to be hair color. No other $10 dollar invention on the planet has done more to shave years off a woman's or man's looks than a box of hair dye. If you have grays popping in, it is time to take action.

For those of us who already camo our age with a hair helper, sometimes finding the time for a trip to the salon or a home-jobber can be tough. So…what do you do when you wake up and realize that while you slept, your roots grew out an inch? Reach for your eyeshadow!

Make-up foundation

Yep, whatever your hair color, you should keep a matte, non-glittery version of that color in eyeshadow. I have a whole array of matte eyeshadows in lots of hair colors to use on clients in a pinch—it's easy and cheap. WOOHOO!!

Eye shadow brush for Andy article

You will need a slightly stiff eyeshadow brush, and you can apply the eyeshadow color directly to your part or hairline to temporarily cover the gray. It works like a charm and is the perfect "life-saving" solution that helps keep you looking 10 Years Younger!!


Meet Today's Author…
andy_resized.jpgWith her international best selling book, STYLE ON A SHOESTRING and more than 100 "fabulously frugal" makeovers on over 200 episodes of television airing in 14 countries, Andy Paige has earned the title "The Budget Bombshell" honestly.  Andy's extensive work on NBC's Starting Over, TLC's Ten Years Younger, STYLE Network's How Do I Look, SOAP NET's Soap Talk, and countless local network style segments have all made Andy the charming and sassy go-to gal for "thrifty-chic" fashion fixes and budget beauty help. For more information about Andy Paige, visit her website at












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